Awesome Golf for FlightScope

Golf really is awesome! Combined with a FlightScope Mevo+ or X3, Awesome Golf Suite simplifies golf gaming, shot tracking and driving ranges.

Fun, exciting, and simple!

Step onto the tee to play unique golf courses, splash into shark infested swimming pools, take on nearest the pin and long drive challenges, or even blow up a boat, or two.

This new software makes it easy to play and compete together with friends and family, especially for children. FlightScope golf simulator owners will be able to reach a new level of fun and enjoyment for a fraction of the cost.

As well as its games modes, the Awesome Golf Suite offers a state-of-the-art practice facility.

The touchscreen interface allows you to select your club and analyse an unprecedented amount of data – all on one screen. Watch as your ball flight is traced from the moment it leaves the club to the moment it comes to rest. This accurate, reliable, ball flight tracing delivers an unrivalled experience with feedback on every key club and ball statistic.

Standout features include:

Everything you want, all on one screen

Whether you are a golfer, non-golfer, a gamer, or an avid player, Awesome Golf gives you everything you want – all on one screen. It is very engaging and you can play against people around the world in organised events.

Powered by FlightScope’s 3D Doppler radar technology, this reliable, accurate data capture will give you incredible insight into your game.

RRP $899
* Price includes both PC and iOS access

$20 Cashback
In the bunker
In the rough
Lip out!
$30 Cashback
Just long....
Out of bounds
Caught that thin!
Duck hook!
$50 Cashback
Missed the green
Big slice!
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Our in-house rules:

  • One game per user
  • Cheaters will be disqualified.
  • Voucher valid for 7 days from spin
  • Available to new customers only
  • Full name, email and mobile all required. Missing info voids voucher

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