Best Golf Projectors

Optoma GT1080HDR 4K

We have tested many projectors and believe the Optoma GT1080HDR 4K (Short Throw) Projector is the most suitable for golf simulation play. 

The Optoma GT1080HDR is the premier 4K Ultra HD gaming projector on the market and is the only projector we currently stock.

A 4000-lumen projector (or brighter) such as this one is best as it ensures the projection is clear on a hitting screen and you don’t have to play in the dark. This means the image remains vibrant and can handle ambient light conditions.

This model is “short throw” meaning the projector can be mounted much closer to the screen, but still produce a large image. A golf simulator set-up often doubles as an indoor theatre too when you’re not having a hit. We offer the projector as a single item or you can purchase as part of one of our simulator packages.

Advantages of Optoma GT1080HDRw

Disadvantages of Optoma GT1080HDRw

Epson EH-TW5600

However, sometimes a client’s set-up and configuration may mean they need a “standard throw” projector.

In this case, we may recommend the 2500-lumen Epson EH-TW5600 Home Theatre (Standard Throw) Projector.

It has a wide throw ratio which gives you flexibility in where you can place the projector which can be helpful during play.

The Epson projector we recommend (EH-TW5600) requires a longer “throw” distance from the projector to the screen to produce a large image but can also be offset (doesn’t have to remain central). 

Advantages of Epson EH-TW5600

Disdvantages of Epson EH-TW5600

Please email if you are unsure about the right projector for your space and golf simulator set-up.

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