Best Hitting Mats

To complete your full golf simulator experience, we only offer the highest quality hitting mat. A good hitting mat can be the difference between an enjoyable golf simulator experience and one that leaves you sore for days or with an injury.

Don’t bother with poor products that cause jarring and don’t last. Indoor golf syndrome can be a real thing and this is when players are too scared to hit down and through the ball due to having no confidence in their mat.

We want you to have confidence and be hitting the ball as if you were hitting off real grass. We have tried and tested many hitting mats over the years to look at their effect on your body, on your swing, on your clubs, and their longevity.

Augusta Premium Hitting Mat

We settled on the Augusta Premium – our flagship offering and the only hitting mat we sell.

This mat provides maximum cushioning and the most realistic hitting experience.  It is extremely durable so you will not have to replace it as regularly as a cheaper product.

At a driving range, a good quality mat might last as long as six months to a year, for home use it lasts much longer.

The Augusta hitting mat, as recommended by SkyTrak), is the high-quality turf you see at most good driving ranges.

It is a single stance mat and measures 1.5m x 1.5m which allows you to fully stand on the mat and hit a driver. The mat is close to 50mm thick and takes a real tee.

There are several tee options with golf hitting mats. You can push a regular tee into the mat or there are rubber tees which can sit on top of the mat, or you can cut a small hole into the mat and insert a tee from underneath.

We offer hitting mats as a single item or you can purchase as part of one of our simulator packages.

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