Best indoor golf simulators of 2021

Best indoor golf simulators of 2021

Let’s look at the value for money equation with indoor golf simulators. Not just what are the best, but if you’re shopping for a home simulator, what’s the best bang for your buck?

Ok, if you happen to be setting-up a commercial simulator centre, where you might have scratch markers and even touring professionals coming for instruction and practice, and your operation is well financed—or if you’re looking to do a home set-up and money is no problem—grab yourself the latest Trackman 4 (RRP approx. $30,000 AUD), or the top of the range FlightScope model which is a bit further down the price range. But don’t forget this is just the cost for your launch monitor. If you’re going to be using it at home, you’re going to need everything else as well to create a home set-up: screen, gaming computer, protective netting, hitting mat, etc.

The big question is: Do you need the top echelon of launch monitors to get significantly better and enjoy your golf to the max. The answer is no. The more you look into things, especially for the average golfer, there are some great options out there at significantly lower prices.

Our recommendations

FlightScope Mevo+

The FlightScope Mevo+ is one such outstanding option. At RRP approx. $4000 AUD it’s packed with features and value for money. The most important things about any launch monitor are: What does it measure? How accurate is it? And how relevant is that data to you improving and maintaining your game? Let’s run through some of its features.

The key parameters Mevo+ measures, in order of importance are:

Mevo+ has 10 more parameters on top of these, plus 17 driving ranges—so you never get bored looking at the same scenery. It also comes with five different courses already installed (add more if you want) plus mini game and skills challenges. The unit is also small and compact, comes with a protective carry case and can happily go with you in your golf bag to the course or driving range, which means you can use it during a pre-round warm up session to ‘lock in your numbers,’ or in a post round analysis when you’re trying to fix what went wrong. Basically, value for money wise, and for compatibility with other course software packages out there, the Mevo+ is very hard to beat.


The other great candidate for 2020 is SkyTrak. Coming in around RRP. $3600 AUD, it measures ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin and side angle. From these measurements the unit can work out your carry and total distance, how far offline your shots finish, the amount of roll, your flight path (shot shape), your clubhead speed and your angle of attack. That’s enough feedback for any golfer.

As with the Mevo+, the SkyTrak software allows you to attach to your iPad or phone, or a desktop PC if you want to see your data and course play displayed on a monitor Alternatively, you can team it up with a projected image if you desire.

The other big plus with SkyTrak is that it comes with 140,000 courses, plus practice range, target and challenge features. In fact, with both Mevo, Mevo+ and SkyTrak you can have access to many thousands of courses worldwide and even play against golfers from all over the world, in the comfort of your own home.

The difference from Mevo+ though, is that the SkyTrak unit cannot be used outdoors.

ES Pro Sim

One more launch monitor we could throw into the mix, is the latest release from Ernest Sports, its ES Pro Sim. 24/7 Golf never retails a product without fully testing it, which we’re doing at the moment, and early signs are good. It combines doppler radar and dual photometric cameras, but at a fraction of the price of Trackman 4 or the FlightScope X3 unit.

We will keep you updated on the testing of this new offering and, all going well, may be able to add this to the list of reliable, accurate, value for money launch monitors we sell.

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