Collection: September Footy Finals Special

Introducing our Exclusive September Footy Finals Special Offer

Purchase any of our fantastic 24/7 Simulator Packages this month, and brace yourself for a double treat. Not only will you gain access to unparalleled golf simulation, but we're also throwing in 2 complimentary golf lessons with the experts at GolfTec. Plus, that's not all – you'll receive side netting to perfect your shots without any worries.

Here is a breakdown of complimentary $1199 Value Add:

  • Package Discount: $780

  • Side Netting: $299

  • 2x GolfTec Online Lessons: $120

How to Purchase:

  • Purchase any of the products below

  • Add the side netting product to your cart 

  • Claim your 2 x online lessons with GolfTec once your enclosure arrives

Golf Lesson in process