What is SkyTrak?

What is SkyTrak Golf?

The SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor is a complete Practice, Play and Entertainment System designed for golfer’s use at home or away from the course. At its core, SkyTrak is powered by a revolutionary breakthrough in launch monitor technology that provides commercial accuracy and reliability in measuring ball flight data, but at a consumer affordable price.

What is launch monitor technology and is it new?

Technology powering expensive commercial launch monitor systems has been around the professional golf community for years. The primary purpose of a launch monitor is to measure the behavior of the golf ball upon impact and provide immediate feedback for use in club fitting, instruction and golf simulation. The systems that perform this function well and provide reliable information are very expensive and can cost as much as $25,000. While there are a few products in the market that cost around $500, those do not capture all the information needed to provide a true simulation of your actual ball flight and results.

How is SkyTrak different from other launch monitors?

Well let’s start with the two main types of ball tracking systems used commercially — Doppler and Photometric.

Both types of commercial systems are very good, yet they use two very different methods to achieve their results. To put it very simply – A Doppler system, as you may envision radar working, tracks how your ball flies and where it lands, and then calculates why it went there. On the other hand, a Photometric system measures what the ball is doing immediately after impact with high speed cameras, and then calculates or project it’s flight path and distance using very sophisticated algorithms.

SkyTrak uses the photometric approach for reasons we will discuss on more detail under "Which technology is better, Doppler or Photometric?"

Which technology is better, Doppler or Photometric?

Both designs have their strengths, but for consumer use, we believe Photometric systems are more versatile allowing for use both indoor and outdoor, plus they require less space. As far as performance, both types provide quality results and overall accuracy. Using a Doppler system indoors, however, is often problematic because to obtain accurate information, a larger space must be used to allow enough ball flight before the ball impacts a net or screen. This is an important distinction and critical to the question of accuracy and reliability of the data you see on your screen. But, in summary, if space and budget are not considerations, either of these commercial alternatives produce highly accurate and reliable results. This accuracy and reliability comes at a very expensive price, however.

Photometric systems require the placement of the golf ball on the hitting mat within a certain defined area. SkyTrak makes this easy by providing a laser dot to indicate the precise placement in order to capture high-quality images with accuracy and consistency. Also, while it’s not required, if your ball has a distinguishable mark (such as a logo) facing toward SkyTrak, this will boost the system’s ability to detect and measure spin accurately.

The images captured in the first few inches after impact are used to measure all of the ball flight parameters necessary to feed the ball flight model so you see your real shot shape and carry distance for practice and play. SkyTrak also allows the inputting of certain variables and environmental factors like weather and course conditions.

Can SkyTrak improve your golf game?

How can I use the SkyTrak to improve my game?

SkyTrak provides the ability to see your shot data and track your progress over time. By understanding how your swing produces different ball data and ball flights, golfers can see how making swing changes or practicing various shots affects results. It is this feedback (positive or negative) that is necessary for improvement.

What launch data parameters are measured?

SkyTrak measures:
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch angle
  • Back Spin
  • Side Spin
  • Side Angle
With this data, SkyTrak software is also able to accurately provide:
  • Carry/Total Distance
  • Offline
  • Roll
  • Flight path
  • Club Head Speed
  • Angle of Descent

How accurate are the numbers?

SkyTrak ball flight is not affected by atmospheric elements like wind (unless selected in settings) as compared to other monitors outdoors, so there could be some slight differences based on different flight models and variables that would affect the final distance and yards offline. SkyTrak is extremely accurate and provides a realistic depiction of actual ball flight within close proximity to other leading launch monitors and real world results.

Can I play actual golf courses on SkyTrak?

Yes. In addition to practice and game improvement system, SkyTrak has partnered with some of the leading golf game developers in the industry to provide you with a realistic golf simulation experience.

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What components do I need for SkyTrak setup

What accessories will I need in order to use SkyTrak?

Choose either Tablet or PC as your main Software Controller.
  • iOS: You will need to use an iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 (with Retina Display), iPad Mini 3, or newer models.
  • PC: You will need a PC running Windows 7, 8, or 10, Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz or higher, 2GB RAM or higher.
  • An optional laptop or tablet stand is recommended for convenience but not mandatory.
  • Hitting Mat: We recommend Augusta Driving Range Mat as it has a long dense fibre system which absorbs and dissipates the blow delivered by a golf swing like natural turf. A normal golf tee is used without any infill, 32mm knitted nylon turf for a real feel, and 3mm urethane stabilizing layer 14mm foam base for added comfort and stability. It comes in 1500mm x 1500mm squares.
  • Hitting Screen: We recommend a sandwich mesh hitting screen that is quiet on impact, safe, and long lasting while giving an excellent projection image. These screens are made to measure and come with a black stitched border and built in eyelets for mounting using shock chord or ties.
  • Projector: A 4000 lumen projector (or brighter) is needed to ensure the projection is clear on the hitting screen.
  • Framing: An easy to assemble frame is supplied to ensure safe and easy operation of the entire setup.
  • Software or Golf simulation add-on requirements that vary by provider. See golf simulation plans for details.

How much space do I need to set up a SkyTrak indoors?

Technically, as long as you have enough room to safely swing a golf club, you have enough room to use your SkyTrak system. This is an advantage over some other professional devices that require more space.

We suggest you have an open space that is about 10 feet wide and 9 feet high.

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