Golf Enclosures

Our enclosures have a unique design which makes them the safest on the market at an affordable price point. Our products have been tried and tested for more than 10 years on the Australian and Asian markets, with plans to extend to the European and USA markets. We have done all the research and development so you can enjoy a great product.

Current offerings on the market vary from net systems starting at $200 USD to enclosures for $3500 USD (even up to $10,000 USD). The main issue with these systems is they do not consider safety and metal poles are exposed to ball impact (up to 200 mph). This is a major safety hazard and can cause serious injury and/or death especially for beginner golfers and licensed venue operators.

Our enclosures have no hard surfaces or exposed poles, and are a quality and unique design. We offer three size offerings – small, medium and large – to suit as many spaces as possible. Entry-level customers will have access to a safe and approved product at a heavily reduced price point to our main competitors. It will also make your area look terrific whether indoors, in your garage or in a commercial set-up/workplace.

Your golfing experience will be enhanced by not having to worry about richoting balls or balls getting stuck in seams. Our enclosures have velcro edging around the screen that a ball will not penetrate and get lodged in. Our enclosures also come with a 12-month warranty.


Safety features

That’s enough data feedback to satisfy golfers on every level!

How important was it to us here at 24/7 Golf to get it right? When we decided to start selling golf projector screens to the general public our Founder and CEO, Igor Vainshtein, personally flew overseas to supervise the setting up of the factory, the sourcing of material and monitor the process of construction before he allowed a single enclosure to be sold. The hitting/projection screen is the same quality as our standalone golf screen which means you get a low re-bound rate, toughness, a vibrant projected image and quietness.
  • Pro Tip Use brand new golf balls for hitting into your enclosure. New balls are a lot cheaper than replacing prematurely worn screens. So please don’t use dirty, marked or worn balls as they will inevitably leave marks or damage the screen. You should also clean your clubs for the same reason.

Our enclosures project so well that it can double up to show sporting events or movies on a large screen for you and your mates to enjoy. Or why not get the bean bags out and treat the kids to their favorite video games projected on a huge scale.

If an enclosure is not within your budget or space is an issue, you can try our hitting screen or the robust Spornia practice net.

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