Golf Hitting Nets

Investing in a good golf net for your golf simulator or practice is vital. It will not only ensure longevity and value for money, but it is also safer and more user-friendly.

There are so many golf hitting nets available online and they are damaged or of no use after the first go. You need to narrow it down to what type of net you need first: chipping nets or full swing nets.

We recommend a full swing net to accompany your launch monitor and golf simulator if you do not have the space for an enclosure or hitting screen set-up.

Or better yet, get one that does both!

The key issues with cheap hitting nets are:


Spornia™ SPG-7 Golf Practice Net

We only sell the best quality and most versatile hitting net on the market – the Spornia™ SPG-7 Golf Practice Net.

This hitting net offers two target options; one bullseye centre target for full swing shots and an optional chipping net that can be attached via Velcro straps.

Premium Materials

The Spornia™ SPG-7 Golf Practice Net is made from top premium materials

Easy to set up

It's pop-up technology makes it easy to set-up

Easy to clean

The Spornia™ SPG-7 Golf Practice Net is also incredibly easy to clean!


It can be used indoors and outdoors, and replacement parts are available from the manufacturer.


it can withstand high swing speeds. It also returns the ball at a comfortable speed by absorbing impact and allowing safe bounceback.

Runner-up in Best Golf Nets 2020

It was selected at Runner-Up in Best Golf Nets 2020 by independent reviewer MyGolf Spy.

Here’s what they had to say.

What we liked:

The Spornia SPG-7 sets up in seconds and is exceptionally stable. It’s sturdy enough to handle outdoor use, though its muted sound at impact makes it perfect for an indoor environment. It can handle higher swing speed golfers and still return the ball to your feet.



Golf digest also rated this as one of the best nets of 2020.

“The netting is sturdy and will absorb the impact of each shot without giving too much. The thick grid weave more closely resembles the netting of a lacrosse goal than a loose mosquito or fishing net. It’s taut enough in the frame to facilitate the ball retrieval at the base, but be sure to account for a few feet of give behind the net to avoid any wall damage from more powerful shots…. Depending on your skill level, you should be able to use most clubs in your bag with this net. If your accuracy is outside of a seven-foot window, consider either using foam practice balls or a wider net.” Read the full article here.

Get yours now

It is also available as part of our discount simulator packages with the FlightScope Mevo+ and the SkyTrak.

Alternatively, we have a selection of enclosures and screens for more permanent indoor set-ups.

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