Home Golf Simulators

Home Golf Simulators

Many of you reading this may have tried an indoor simulator at one of the many popular indoor golf simulator centres across Australia or around the world. The good news is that now you can have one at home for a pretty reasonable price.

But what’s the advantages? Why would you want to have a home simulator set-up?

Well, they are many and varied.

Firstly, and maybe most importantly, is that you will receive accurate feedback. You might have heard about or experienced the industry benchmark simulators such as Trackman and FlightScope X3; top end products equal top of the range prices.

The good news is that now with launch monitors such FlightScope Mevo, FlightScope Mevo+ and SkyTrak, for the first time, through 24/7 Golf in Australia, reliable accurate feedback data is within reach, at a realistic price. ccuracy of feedback is so important. As any golf coach will tell you, so many people ruin their golf games by hitting into nets without any feedback. They might feel they are hitting the ball well, getting solid contact, their swing even might look good on video, but their shots can be peeling off to the left or right without them even knowing. Even if they can get a sense of the direction their shots are starting in; what is the club face alignment at impact? Or the path of their swing? Without an accurate launch monitor they have no idea—you can see the dilemma. Without accurate feedback you’re only getting exercise, not improvement.

AThen there’s the question of motivation. Beating balls into a net might be fine for 15 or 20 minutes, but even the most dedicated golf practice nut is going to battle going beyond that. A lot of people even struggle for motivation when playing the same home course week after week in the real world. With a home simulator set-up you’ll never have to worry about getting bored again.


Yes, of course you get all the critical data when you’re on the range setting, but we at 24/7 Golf also offer an array of software options for course play and short game practice. With Mevo+ and SkyTrak you can take your pick of: Creative Golf 3D, which offer multiple real and virtual golf courses from around the world, added to this are their entertainment courses where you can find amusing games like Target Golf, Minigolf or Demolition Golf, and multiple driving range experiences. We also have the full range of The Golf Club 2019 (TGC2019), E6 Connect and Golfisimo software packages (Golf Course Software landing page) available. You’re guaranteed to be able to find an exciting software compatible to Mevo+ or SkyTrak. Imagine having access to more than 150,000 courses worldwide and being able to compete in virtual tournaments against golfers from all over the world.

So now you know you can get great feedback and have fun. Then the other thing to realise is that with your own home set-up you have convenience. These days we’re all busy and free time can be hard to find. Instead of driving to a golf course or range—dealing with starting times, queues, and inclement weather—whenever you have a free moment and want to practice you just walk a few steps to your very own driving range. You’ll also be able to invite your buddies over and have a golf party, and what golfer wouldn’t want to be friends with someone that has a few thousand golf courses at home?


The other reason to have a home simulator is the amount of money you can save. Firstly, as with all new technology, the relative cost of simulators has been coming down in the last few years. Mevo, Mevo+ and SkyTrak offer the most cost-efficient solutions. We are also currently testing the new Ernest Sports ES Pro Sim and may offer that soon.

In terms of outlay for a home simulator set-up, sure, you have your initial cost. But you can also save on buckets of balls at the driving range and a private club membership. The reality for so many busy people these days is that with family and work commitments they might get to play one to two times per month.



Another reason to have your own home set-up is that it’s versatile. If you want to verify the accuracy of your numbers, or just enjoy a nice sunny day outside at the range you can always just take it with you. FlightScope Mevo and Mevo+ can be used outdoors and easily transported to your nearest range. They are then quick and easy to set-up and then re-install back at home—giving you the best of both worlds.


Many golf coaches use golf simulators now and offer live online golf lessons and online swing analysis. Imagine being able to have a live Zoom lesson with a coach of your choice from anywhere around the world, and be able to give them accurate, real-time feedback on the changes they are suggesting while having your lesson? Results that both you and they can see after every shot? Then later, anytime you’re practicing, being able to send them stats and screenshots of your progress. There’s a brave new world out there now with convenient online golf lessons and with a home simulator set-up you can be at the forefront of it.

Of course, 24/7 Golf also offer every component you’ll need to create your ideal home golf simulator environment, which you can purchase separately or in one of their specially designed packages.

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