Indoor Golf Simulators

Indoor Golf Simulators

There has been a marked rise in the purchase of indoor golf simulators over the last few years. Certainly the tipping point for many people was the pandemic of 2020. Suddenly many found themselves in lockdown at home, with golf driving ranges and golf courses closed. Then again many were asked or choose to work from home, and this looks like being a continuing trend in the future.
So if you can’t get out to golf, the logical thing to do is bring golf to you. From the standpoint of technical improvements in launch monitor technology it was almost a perfect storm waiting to happen. High quality domestic models like Mevo, Mevo +, and Skytrack have meant that, for a reasonable cost, you can experience accurate shot data feedback over a wide range of both clubhead and ball flight parameters, plus participate in skills challenges, course play, on your own, against your buddies, or against a range of worldwide internet opponents.
You might for instance live in a country where land is at a premium and there are few golf courses. Those public access courses that do exist might have heavy patronage, or are expensive and the private ones have long membership waiting lists and extortionate fees. When your options are those or over 150,000 high level, virtual and reality based courses on software packages like E6 Connect and TGC2019, for a fraction of the cost, many people are choosing the latter.

But there are other reasons people are choosing to install indoor golf simulators.

Then again there’s climate considerations. In your own indoor golf simulator environment, your enjoyment is impervious to rain, extremes of heat or cold and risks of skin cancer. You are also on your time schedule and can stop and take breaks whenever you like. Great for elderly people or those with physical issues that may be only able to play a few holes at a time, and find it hard to fit in with a large competition field moving around a real course.

Then of course there is the “effective practice” factor. These days we all seem to be time poor and being efficient with your golf practice is paramount. In an indoor simulator you can really work productively on your golf game. Precise feedback and data recording, and the ability to integrate video feedback means your practice sessions come to life. You’re hitting from a good quality, level mat, not getting buffeted around by wind, cold or rain, and not suffering dehydration due to heat.

With full 18 hole courses, short practice courses, driving ranges, short game areas and skills challenges, like those found on: Creative Golf 3D, E6 Connect, Golfisimo Entertainment, and TGC2019—you will never be unmotivated or bored with practice. All the new launch monitors now also come with apps that allow you to unlock and use their full technology to your advantage. Another major plus of having your own indoor golf simulator is that indoor golf instruction is a burgeoning industry. You may have been along and had lessons at one of the popular indoor teaching centres like Golftec. Well, most of those companies now also offer on-line instruction too. That means you can have a “live” lesson with a coach, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, often at times that are suitable to you. With the right set-up, and technology you can also make videos to send to your coach along with helpful stats generated and recorded by a launch monitor.

If this article has sparked some interest for you, or answered some questions, at 24/7 Golf we’d love to assist you in creating the best indoor simulator set-up possible for your budget and space considerations.

If you have a limited area to work with, but still want accurate feedback and an outstanding array of courses, our Skytrack units are a great solution They sit facing the hitting area and capture all their relevant data right at impact, so you need minimal distance behind you or to your hitting screen. We have a range of simulator packages for Skytrack that incorporate everything you’ll need: the launch monitor, screen, hitting mat, range and course software, protective case, and even full safety enclosures if required.

These packages range from just under $5,0000 AUD for our Home Starter Kit, right up to just over $8,000AUD for a premium full enclosure package. We also offer similar setups for the Mevo+ Launch Monitor. Mevo+ can also of course happily accompany you to the driving range and course. We also have a range of simulator accessories to enhance your enjoyment and ease of use such as our, wireless and wired, Golf Simulator control Box for TGC2019, (compatible with both Skytrack and Mevo+.)

So, welcome to the awesome new world of indoor golf simulators, browse our website at your leisure, and do contact us at 24/7 Golf, if you have a particular enquiry or need to discuss your home set-up needs personally.

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