Top 5 Accessory Must-Haves

Golf simulator set-ups can be very basic or over the top extravagant. There are some key areas where you should not try and scrimp and save on below par products you find on the internet. Most of these will be used for the life-time of your golf simulator – and are a one-off cost – or will be used for many years to come.

Some things can be Do-It-Yourself like a club stand or protective side curtains, however, the necessities usually are the products designed to take impact and/or play safely. Here are the top 5 accessories we recommend any golf simulator set-up should have.

1. Quality Hitting Mat

A hitting mat can be the different between accurate data and soreness/injuries. If players are too scared to hit down on the ball for fear of damaging their club or their wrists or elbows, it can affect their swing speed and swing plane. This means you are suffering from indoor golf syndrome. Get a mat you are confident with like our tried and tested Augusta Premium Hitting Mat.

2. Suitable device (iOS, Android or PC)

Different apps and software products require different minimum specifications for devices. Our advice is to ensure you meet these specifications before downloading the app or the paid software add-on. Often, these licences are hard to transfer to a new device unless it is the free native app which comes with your launch monitor. Better graphics will make for a much more enjoyable and realistic golf simulation experience. If you are unsure if your current device needs upgrading, email and we would be happy to assist.

3. Protective launch monitor case

Everyone hits the odd stray ball now and again, and you don’t want it hitting your launch monitor. This is especially important for the SkyTrak unit which sits next to the ball. We sell a Protective Metal Case for the SkyTrak which is a must-have. It is officially authorised by SkyTrak and made under a SkyTrak licence here in Australia. As FlightScope launch monitors sit well behind the ball, there is less chance of damage from a stray ball unless your ball ricochets off a hard object and bounces back past the player. If you are worried, clear Perspex boxes do not interfere with the radar.

4. Club Cleaner

To protect your hitting screen or enclosure, you should always play with brand new balls and most importantly, clean clubs. Scratches on balls or debris from clubs can easily mark, cut, or scratch your hitting screen. We suggest every home golf simulator set-up have some kind of club cleaner.

5. Quality net, hitting screen or golf enclosure

The first thing you should think about when getting your hitting net, screen or enclosure is safety. No one wants to be hit by a golf ball coming back at you with speed. If you select the right product for your space you won’t have to worry about ricocheting balls, balls clearing the net, or balls getting stuck in seams. You won’t be able to complete your normal swing if you don’t trust your hitting area. Your data and results may be off and while you’re thinking of ducking for cover, you should be working on completing your swing and following through. We offer only the best hitting net, hitting screen, and golf enclosures.

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