Top Golf Simulators

Top Golf Simulators

When you first start looking around at golf simulators it can sometimes be extremely confusing. There is a huge discrepancy in the level of technology and prices, and for the uninitiated it’s hard to know what you’re actually comparing. One absolute key thing to remember is that the Launch Monitor—the technology that is actually measuring the shots—is the engine room of your golf experience.

At 24/7 Golf we have often had people coming to us with quotes they’ve been given on “simulators. Some are for just the launch monitor some include a screen, mat, netting monitors etc. Some quotes are for a complete custom build and installation. So be clear what you’re actually getting quoted on, because a beautiful looking set-up with a very basic launch monitor, might look beautiful but deliver a less than satisfactory experience. Our advice? Put the bulk of your budget into the “engine room”—get the best actual launch monitor your funds allow for.

Ok let’s look at what’s out there High and Lower end. Ratings are based on a value for money equation.

Trackman 4

This is definitely one of the industry leading units. Trackman have built their offering around the dual radar function. One radar is capturing ball date, the other is capturing all the relevant club data. The TM4 has captures putting data and Trackman have now created their own course play options.

Starting at close to $40,000 AUD for the outdoor capability version, they’re not within every one’s budget, but you definitely get what you pay for. Rating 9/10

Flightscope X3

This is another one of the big boys, a top end offering. Maybe the only thing you need to know about this unit is that possibly the most numbers-oriented golfer of all time, Bryson DeChambeau. Patented 3D tracking radar technology, swing data and video automatically combined after each shot, 50 full swing, chipping, pitching, putting parameters measured, wedge D Plane data, plus each unit now comes with an E6 connect bundle included.

It’s a pretty compelling experience, which is why we stock it. Again, price is exclusive although more approachable than its Danish counterpart at around $25,000 AUD, which get you indoor and outdoor data, plus putting. Rating 9/10


This has been the game changer for Flightscope, our most popular selling launch monitor by a long shot and so much so, that at times we’ve actually ran out of stock. It’s almost easier to mention what you don’t get with this than what you do. Anyway, suffice to say, indoor and outdoor modes, super lightweight and portable, compatible with all the major course play options and packed with range, training and skills testing features.

Value for money equation is off the charts at $4,000 AUD for what you get. Rating 9.5/10


This has been a super reliable performer. Very good value at under $1000, (in fact only $899 through 24/7 Golf). It’s a super practice partner in that it very compact so easily taken with you to the range. Pairs with a range of devices and features 3D Doppler radar. Great accuracy and nifty features like auto video clipping, and having your data and video’s auto stored raise this one up from the everyday. Rating 8/10


This has been one of our top sellers at 24/7 Golf for a long time. Especially for people that only plan to use a launch monitor indoor, and people that want an abundance of course play options through E6 Connect and TGC2019. It’s photometric camera-based technology and has proven itself to be an accurate reliable performer with no hitches.

One of the best performing indoor golf simulators for its price. The price is attractive at $3599 and your still under 4K if you add our dedicated TGC2019 control box floor control. Rating 8.5/10

Foresight GC2

You can’t deny this has been a popular and high selling launch monitor. You’ve probably seen it in most golf shops. It’s been a workhorse of the golf industry. Does give quite accurate data feedback with a reasonable number of parameters. It’s camera-based technology not radar.

Priced under $10,000 USD You probably need to get the HMT add on to get the most out of it, which puts you over that price point. Rating 8/10

Optishot 2

As a budget option this is ok. Probably more suitable for a beginner to intermediate player than anyone really serious about their golf. Limitations are that the infra-red technology means you have to use the Optishot hitting pad, so forget hitting off a high-quality Augusta mat if you go with this option.

This unit can be ok to start off with but you risk getting frustrated as soon as you get more consistent than the technology. $399 USD Rating 6.5/10

Swing Caddie SC100

Reasonable basic unit. It does use Doppler single radar technology, but has its limitations. It can be ok to just help make practice a bit more interesting. You’ll at least get an accurate idea of your distances, to help you choose the right clubs when you’re playing. And it will assist you in the 30 to 80-yard range. It’s under $200 USD rating 6/10

Rapsodo MLM

Again at $500 it’s not buyer beware! But you have to be realistic about the level of sophistication you’re going to be getting. Like Swing Caddy it’s an ok basic tool to give you a basic idea of what’s going on with your shots. To be honest the app it comes with is probably the best thing about it. If you have more to spend do so. Rating 7/10

NB. We’re not posting a review here yet for the Ernest Sports ES16 Tour Plus. We have purchased one and are currently in the process of testing it exhaustively. Price point is attractive, but there were some issues with previous models, we’d like to know are resolved before we offer it on our site. Early signs are positive though.

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