Trackman 4 vs FlightScope X3

TrackMan 4 vs FlightScope X3

Let’s do a comparison of the features of both the Trackman 4 and Flightscope X3 units. These are probably the leading two units on the Launch Monitor market.

Firstly Trackman 4 which can be used indoor and out and utilises a dual radar system. The easiest way to think about this is that one radar is tracking what the ball is doing on impact and through the air, and the other radar is tracking what the club is doing.

TrackMan 4 measures:

With the TrackMan 4 they’ve also introduced some impact parameters, where the unit will measure how central your strike was (toe/heel) how high or low depth wise on the face, and your dynamic lie at impact, which can be very helpful for club fitting amongst other things.

It’s also the first Trackman to be able to measure putting, much like the Sam Puttlab technology, and others, but it’s going to give you all your relevant data in one unit. The putting data can also be synced up with video, so you can see the data that went along with each video your making. Trackman has an app which also allows you to integrate your video and swing/putting numbers, compare different swings against each other and also connect up to six different cameras, plus screencast to your iPhone or iPad. Battery wise you’ve also got 4 hours with a full charge, which should see you through most range sessions.

Portability is strong with this unit as it’s easily taken to the range and pretty easy to set-up to get accurate feedback. There’s a lot of great features with the Optimiser, Combine and Wedge and Driver test areas, and it doesn’t take long to learn how to set-up and record your data

TrackMan 4 course play

In terms of course play, Trackman 4 has Virtual Golf 2, which is Trackman’s own product. They’ve now got 50 plus courses in an ever-growing library, the graphics and functionality are good and you can also challenge yourself, family and friends on the Closest to the Pin, Capture the Flag, and Hit it sections of the software.

All in all, it’s everything you would expect from Trackman, who have been in the launch monitor game for a while now. Pricing wise Trackman 4 is around $19,000 USD for the indoor only license, and $25,000 USD for the outdoor version.

The Flightscope X3 is very similar in terms of the quality of the product and the amount of useful information it can tell you about your game.

It uses what it call’s Fusion Tracking, which incorporates 3D radar tracking and some image processing.

The FlightScope X3 measures:

Then also: Skills Distance to Pin, Skills Score, Face to Path, Face to Target, Club Path Vertical, Swing Plane Horizontal, Swing Plane Low Point, Vertical Descent Angle and Curve. So basically, a whole bunch of stuff. Which is probably why Bryson DeChambeau likes it so much!

With the X3 Flightscope has added a wedge D Plane function which measures angle of attack, club path, face angle and dynamic loft. If you’re trying to elevate your wedge game, this is a great section of the software to work with. Have a look at some of the outstanding stuff James Ridyard, the UK teaching pro has done around wedge numbers and you’ll have a great idea of how to best utilise the new wedge D plane section.

The X3 also offer you automatic video clipping from multiple camera feeds on every shot. And like Trackman it now captures all your short game and putting data.

Another really good feature is the environment optimiser, which lets you adjust it for upcoming weather and landscapes you may be about to play. For example, if you’re heading off for some high-altitude tournaments and want to get use to carrying your shots 10/15% further.

Just like with TrackMan 4 the X3 unit also has a really strong app integration, so where ever you find yourself, in studio or out on the range you’re going to be able to view and keep all your data really easily.

FlightScope X3 course play

In terms of course play, the X3 unit integrates with E6 Connect for course play. On purchase from 24/7 Golf the X3 comes actually with an E6 Connect high-altitude Bundle, which gives you your first 5 full courses and 17 different driving ranges. This lets you play on-line, head to head against anyone in the world. From this basic package you can of course up-grade with 24/7 Golf and get lots more courses.

It also integrates fully the TCG 2019 giving you another 150,000 plus courses.

Price wise it is more attractive than the TrackMan 4 as and indoor/outdoor X3 will only set you back just over $18,000 USD.

With very similar quality and accuracy, the choice between the two will likely come down to budget considerations for most people. If one unit does have the edge of the other it would probably be the greater course play options that the Flightscope X3 is compatible with.

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