Virtual Golf Simulators

Virtual Golf Simulators

Sometimes when people talk about virtual golf simulators people think of someone standing in front of a video game, holding onto the grip of a pretend golf club and swinging it through the air!

Well that’s not really what the market place of virtual golf simulators is about these days. Now you get to hit real balls, with real clubs from a premium artificial turf surface and you can get a high-level practice and course playing experience.

Firstly, you do need a decent Launch Monitor

Anything you get from us in Flightscopes Mevo, Mevo+ or our Skytrack unit will give you accurate measurement of your shots. Then it comes down to the software they are using. Let’s look at some of the different course and practice packages we offer. Firstly, The Golf Club 2019.

The Golf Club 2019 (TGC 2019)

A key component you’re looking for is high quality graphics. Certainly if you’re projecting the image onto a screen, you want a vibrant, clear, realistic picture. TGC2019 offers very good quality 3D HD graphics up to 4K, which you can display widescreen or in a three-screen set-up if you want to take it to the max. It also features unlimited golf courses and no loading time between holes. You can even create edit and share golf courses with just 4 clicks of your mouse, or get really creative and use your imagination to create an entire new course.
As you play, the simulator takes you visually along through the air with your ball to where it lands, you’ll see the shape of your shots and get shot analysis information fed to you after each shot to help you improve your game. You can even play on-line in tournaments against other players from around the world. TGC2019 is compatible with both Mevo+ and Skytrack.

Creative Golf 3D

Next we have Creative Golf’s 3D Lifetime Package for Flightscope Mevo+ and Skytrack. With it you get 15 courses, or you can go into training mode on the driving range, or chip and putt on your selected golf course. Conversely you can use the Challenge function to compete in longest drive and closest to the pin competitions and try the accuracy challenges too.

This software package has Fairytale golf, Mini golf, and Demolition golf, which the kids will love as you get to aim golf balls at buildings and demolish them—also great stress relief after a tough day at the office! And you can play all these games and the courses on-line against other players worldwide.

Creative Golf’s 3D full course add on library again compatible with both Flightscope’s Mevo+ and Skytrack can be added to their lifetime package. (Note you do have to have the basic Creative Golf 3D subscription before you purchase the add-on.)

E6 Connect

Next cab off the rank is E6 Connect Basic Annual Package for Mevo+. Super realistic graphics and with it you get 27 different courses, 17 practice areas. It also features a multitude of different in game settings so you can keep your course play experience fresh by changing, pin positions, wind, and terrain settings. Also go Peer-to-Peer or play on-line events.

As you would expect you’ve got longest drive, closest to the pin and the Bryan Bros skill shot challenge course is really good fun.

Go for the E6 Connect Expanded Annual Pack for Mevo+ (iPad or PC) if you want to bump yourself up to 94 courses, plus all the other great features and more, previously mentioned with the basic package.

If you’ve purchased a Skytrack unit from us and want a good basic software package to hone your skills, try the Game Improvement Package (1 Year Package). It’s got a Skills assessment area, a Bag Mapping function, and the new nifty Wedge Matrix, to enable you to really dial in your wedge distances.

If you want to have course play as well go for our Play and Practice Package.


Rounding out our software offerings is Golfisimo, which can operate as a stand-alone package or be added on to an existing Creative Golf 3D package. It’s got a bunch of fun and entertaining games to get the kids or party guests interested in golf. But also has a range of challenging games aimed at improving your chipping and shot precision, and playing under time pressure.

If you’ve got a bit jaded with golf and really want to make it fun, the variety you’ll find with this software package will get your mojo back!

We hope you’ve gained some interesting insights from these reviews. Please go to our website and click on our software tab to get even more detail, plus the detail around operating system requirements. If you need any help in sourcing compatible software for your launch monitor and working out the best combination of software packages please lets us know at 24/7 golf how we can help you.

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