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BYO Launch Monitor Impact Screen Simulator Package - Home Golfing Freedom

BYO Launch Monitor Impact Screen Simulator Package - Home Golfing Freedom

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This simulator kit allows you to create a professional and highly accurate golf simulator driving range using the launch monitor of your choice and their Golf Driving Range App. There's also the option to upgrade to various golf course simulator software packages in the future, such as TGC2019 with over 150,000 courses (at additional cost)

Size / 3.6m x 2.7m

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Product Details

BYO Launch Monitor Impact Screen Package - Transform Your Home into a Personal Driving Range!

There has never been a more opportune moment to embrace the game of golf. Introducing our BYO Launch Monitor Practice Package, which enables you to relish in driving ranges that perfectly fit any area within your home, without the need for an expensive simulator installation! Discover the convenience and flexibility of honing your skills right at home, opening up a world of possibilities for your golfing journey.

BYO Practice Package comes with:

1 x Commercial Grade Golf Simulator Impact Screen

1 x Optoma GT1080HDR 4k Ultra HD Gaming Projector

1 x Sim Master Premium Hitting Mat

1 x Premium 4K Ultra HD 10m HDMI Cable

1 x Projector Mounting Bracket to suit Optoma GT1080HDR