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Virtual Golf Accessories

From golf practice and training mats to impact screens, enclosures, and more, you'll find what you need in the 24/7 Golf accessory range

The 24/7 Golf team is here to help you build the perfect virtual golf system. This means offering the projectors and simulators you need, as well as the accessories required to complete your experience – including golf training mats, screen enclosures, and much more. Check out our product pages and find what you're looking for. You can also call or text on 0480 020 411 or send us an email at to discover more.


Our Accessory Range

What kind of virtual golf accessories will you find in our range? Let's take a look.

Golf Practice Mats

Golf practice and training mats provide the perfect foundation as you practice your swing. Our range of at-home golf accessories gives you the practice mat products you need to complete your at-home setup.

Impact Screens

At-home virtual golf requires a very specialised set of solutions. You're going to be hitting golf balls, at pace, towards your projector screen on a regular basis. Impact screens offer the resilience and sturdiness needed to resist damage. They can also provide valuable data feedback to your system.

Screen Enclosures

You don't want to have to worry about lost golf balls or about damage to the fittings and furnishings in your space. This is where screen enclosures come in handy, keeping every shot you hit within the playing space.

Mounting Brackets

Golfing simulators need to be properly installed and set up. With our range of mounting brackets, this becomes easy, helping you build your virtual golf experience while mounting your equipment safely and securely.

HDMI Cables and Connectors

HDMI cables provide the connections you need to keep gameplay smooth, intuitive, and reliable. We offer the highest quality cables, with gold-plated connectors that ensure a great experience.

Short Throw Projectors

When space is at a premium, our short throw projectors are here to the rescue. Achieving incredible visuals projected only a few metres from the screen, this accessory is a must for anyone seeking to save room without compromising on enjoyment.

USB WiFi Adapters

USB WiFi adapters allow connections to multiple WiFi networks, expanding flexibility and capability while you play. You'll need one of these to take full advantage of the TGC2019 Software Package.

Protective Casing

Made from 13-gauge steel, protective casing ensures your hardware stays safe and secure for longer. Compatible with specific projector and simulator setups, protective cases are a valuable addition to many at-home systems.

Choose 24/7 Golf for Your Virtual Golf Accessories

You love golf — we love golf too. This is why you and the 24/7 Golf team are a match made in heaven. Thousands of customers choose us to provide the highest-quality virtual golfing accessories — products that help them to improve their game and have a great time while they train.

Our tailored approach means we can meet a wide range of specific needs. Perhaps our bundle products provide everything you're looking for? Great! If not, no worries — we'll work with you to develop a tailored set of solutions and accessories.

Check out our product pages and make your selection. Want to learn more about what we can do for you? Simply call or text on 0480 020 411, send us an email at, or leave us a message on the contact page.

Indoor Golfing Accessories: FAQs

1. What is the return policy for golf accessories purchased from the Accessories collection?

We offer returns on any products that are faulty or damaged when you receive them, and this includes our accessories. Our team may be able to refund the product or offer a replacement. Unfortunately, we cannot offer returns on products purchased in error or items you no longer want.

2. How can I contact customer support if I have questions or issues with my order?

Our customer support team is on hand to provide assistance to our customers. If you have questions or issues regarding your order, or anything else, you can reach us by phone or text on 0480 020 411 or send us an email at

3. How do I find the right golf accessories for my needs?

It really depends on what you are looking for. We offer customised bundles to help our customers get the right products for their personal setup. Reach out to our team for guidance and assistance when you buy.

4. What materials are used in the golf accessories available in the Accessories collection?

All the accessories we produce, as well as those we stock from other providers, are manufactured using the highest-quality materials. For example, you'll find gold-plated connectors built into our HDMI cables, while the Skytrak protective case is produced with 13-gauge steel for a heavy-duty, robust finish.