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Welcome to 24/7 Golf. We are one of the leaders in the virtual indoor golf market, providing simulators, return nets, and a range of other solutions and accessories developed with the modern golfer in mind. Check out our product pages and find what you need, or reach out on 0480 020 411 or at play@24-7.golf to discover more.

Golf Simulators

Here at 24/7 Golf, we offer a range of virtual golf simulators – each designed to help you hone your game and enjoy hours of great play. Check out some of the options we provide.

  • Raposodo MLM 2 Pro Package

    The Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro package features Impact Vision and Shot Vision cameras that measure both your swing and the flight of the ball, helping you achieve real insight into your game. This is backed up with Rapsodo's Precision Technology (RPT) processing, which can boost precision to within 1% of top-of-the-range products when used in conjunction with the specially designed Callaway RPT Chrome Soft X Golf Ball. 

    The package includes an enclosure available across three different sizes – Par 3 (3m x 2.6m x 1.6m), Par 4 (3.6m x 2.6m x 1.6m), and Par 5 (4m x 3m x 3m). You'll also find a hitting mat, Optoma Projector, HDMI cable, and mounting bracket in the bundle, as well as a one-year membership of MLM 2 PRO complete with over 30,000 course simulations. This setup is designed for both indoor and outdoor use as you train.

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  • SkyTrak Simulator Package

    The Skytrak Golf Simulator Launch Monitor provides an exceptional golfing experience even in confined spaces around your home, office, or another location. 

    Included in our bundle is the Skytrak Golf Driving Range app, helping you get more out of the simulator, as well as an Optoma projector, a 24/7 Golf Simulator Bay Enclosure, and premium hitting mat, mounting bracket and HDMI cables. You'll also get an official licensed metal case to keep it all safe and secure.

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  • Custom Simulator Packages

    We understand that every golfer is unique. Different situations and specific requirements need custom solutions, and we work to make sure that all our customers can achieve the indoor golf setup they crave. This is why we offer custom simulator packages.

    If you already have a launch monitor, we can help you build your setup. Add hitting mats, 24/7 Golf enclosures, and other accessories to your package and get a great deal on all this equipment. If you need a launch monitor but want to build something a little different to our range of bundles, this is no problem – get in touch and together we can create a simulator system that meets your needs perfectly.

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Indoor Golf – Why So Many Players Are Benefitting from Virtual Golf Setups

There's no substitute for the real thing – for getting out on the course and enjoying a great round of golf. But indoor golf can give you some of that same enjoyment when you're not able to get out and tee off for real.

Learn more about the benefits of a virtual golf session:

Practice Your Game All Year Round

Depending on where you live, you might not be able to enjoy year-round outdoor golf. When that sun is unrelenting in the summer or when it's pouring down with rain, a trip to the golf course may not be possible. With a great virtual golf simulator, you won't need to worry about this downtime because you can practice come rain or shine.

Enjoy a Quick Round of Golf at Home

It's not only the weather you've got to worry about. Life in general can get in the way. Your at-home indoor golf setup gives you the opportunity to enjoy a quick and convenient round of golf, whatever else you've got going on. Whether this means a half hour on your lunch break or a quick session after the kids are in bed, you'll find it easier to fit golf around your schedule.

Get Your Training In

The best training for golf is...golf. If you're hitting more balls, making more puts, and swinging that club more often, you're going to get better. A golf simulator is perfect for this, giving you everything you need to make that practice count. On top of that, you'll have a great time while you do it!


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Take a look at our product pages and find the bundles, packages, or single items you need. Want to learn more about what we do? Reach out to the team. You can call or text us on 0480 020 411, send us an email at play@24-7.golf, or head to the contact page and shoot us a message.


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