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Golf Return Net - 24/7 Golf - Pro-Grade Safe Practice, No Lost Balls

Golf Return Net - 24/7 Golf - Pro-Grade Safe Practice, No Lost Balls

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Elevate your Game

Honing those skills means practising wherever you can. This is exactly why we've developed our 24/7 Golf Return Net — so you can hit golf balls, work on your swing, and have a great time, all in the comfort of your own home.With an easy-to-install design and professional-grade materials tested and trialled on high-speed golf swings, this return net is a product you can really rely on. Read on to learn more, or get in touch with our team at or 0480 020 411.

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Product Details

The best golf practice session needs the best golf practice net, eliminating any lost golf balls and supporting safe play. Our return net product is perfect for this. Here's what you can expect:

  • Professional-grade golf netting, tested to handle ball speeds exceeding 230mph
  • 2.6m x 2.6m indoor or outdoor golf net
  • A sturdy frame that can be installed in just 10 minutes
  • Netting materials that absorb impact, returning golf balls safely with no ricochet


As you build your at-home practice setup, the return net is just the beginning. The product is compatible with other golf training aids in our range, including:

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitors
  • Golf Simulator Impact Screens
  • TGC2019, SkyTrak, E6 Connect Golf Simulator Software (be sure to check the system requirements before you buy)
  • Optoma Laser Projectors and Mounts
  • Sim Master Hitting Mats
  • Enclosure Side Netting

Installation and Assembly

Installation and assembly is easy. Simply follow the instructions included in the return net package and complete assembly of the golf net in your home within 10 minutes. You won't need any professional tools or a specialist DIY background.

Customisation Options

Right now, we aren't offering any customisation options for the 24/7 Golf Return Net. The product is available in its standard 2.6m x 2.6m size and black colouring, although this may be subject to change in the future.


1. What is included with the 24/7 Golf Return Net?

In this product set, you'll find our return golf net as well as the net support frame. The return net can be put together in just a few simple and straightforward steps. It's also easy to take apart and pack away when you're finished.

2. What are the key features of the 24/7 Golf Return Net?

Here's what you can expect from the return net:

  • Professional-grade netting tested with ball speeds of over 230mph
  • A 2.6m x 2.6m outdoor or indoor golf net
  • A structure designed to return golf balls safely and reliably
  • Easy installation in just 10 minutes

3. What golf training aids is the 24/7 Golf Return Net compatible with?

The return net is compatible with a wealth of different golf training aids, including:

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitors
  • Golf Simulator Impact Screens
  • TGC2019, SkyTrak, E6 Connect Golf Simulator Software

  • Enclosure Side Netting
  • Optoma Laser Projectors
  • Sim Master Hitting Mats

4. How can I learn more about using the 24/7 Golf Return Net?

Our team is here to answer any questions or queries you may have. To discover more about the return net or any other products and bundles in our range, send us an email at, or give us a call or text message on 0480 020 411.

5. What is the return policy for the 24/7 Golf Return Net?

In some circumstances, we can offer returns on our products and bundles, including the return net. However, this is generally limited to instances in which the product arrives at your property damaged, defective, or incomplete. Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds or exchanges on products that are in full working order, so returns are not possible if you have changed your mind after a purchase. To learn more about our returns policies, email us at, or reach us by phone on 0480 020 411.

6. How does the product compare to other similar ones on the market?

We are all passionate golfers, and we know you are too. This is why we only provide products that are of the highest quality, giving you the equipment you need to get more from your practice sessions. With high-quality netting tested with ball speeds of over 230mph and an easy-to-install design, we believe this is one of the best golf practice nets available on the market.