Garage Golf Simulators

Garage Golf Simulators

If you’ve got a garage at your property, you’ve probably got enough room to have a garage golf simulator in it. Really all you need is sufficient ceiling height to be able to swing. Ideally you want this height to be around three metres to accommodate a driver swing, especially if you are going to have any tall buddies coming over to play as well. But if your space is height restricted you can still have a quite a good, useful set-up, as long as you can swing at last a five iron.
There’s a few essential’s you’re going to need which we’ll go into in a minute, but first let’s have a look at the other space requirements. Width wise, really, it’s whatever you can get away with safely. Remember, if it’s only going to be you using your area, you can offset the hitting point so that, even with limited space you have a comfortable amount of room behind you. The worst thing to do is hit something when you’re swinging. The second worst thing is to feel like you’re going to, because that can play on your mind and affect your swing. However, if you are going to have friends coming over and using your set-up and especially if any of them are lefties, you’re probably going to need a central hitting zone.
I terms of the depth required, it varies depending on what sort of launch monitor system you plan on using. At 24/7 Golf we carry Skytrack, which sits side on, opposite the hitting area. This unit takes all it’s measurements right at the moment of impact, so you don’t have to be any particular distance from your hitting screen. Safety and feeling comfortable are then your main considerations. With other launch monitors we sell like: Flightscopes Mevo+, Mevo and the Flightscope X3—which are radar based and therefore sit behind the hitting area—you do need a minimum distance from the hitting area to your screen, and from the unit to your hitting area, for the radar to be able to take a reading and pick up the data accurately.
On the first, basically make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Get the best launch monitor you can for the budget you’ve set aside. You can things like additional courses right at the start or once you feel like you want to freshen up your experience and add more interest. 24/7 Golf has a complete range of the best course, range and skills challenge software compatible with the launch monitors we sell.

Once you have your space requirements satisfied, your main concerns should be two-fold: The quality of your experience and safety.

On the safety aspect. Make sure you get a commercially produced, fully tested, impact screen. The list of injuries out there from people who have made DIY screens is long—and painful. Golf balls rebounding back at you can be lethal weapons. All our screens and enclosures have been safety tested and when installed and positioned correctly will avoid that happening. If you’re just purchasing a screen, make sure you also put up protective netting to catch balls that miss the screen, so they’re not rebounding around your garage causing damage or injury. But usually the best, and safest, option is to get one of our fully enclosed screen structures, which will usually also give your set-up more of a completed professional look.

Again, with your hitting mat, there are cheap ones out there but all you’re going to do is end up wearing through them very quickly or injuring your wrists, elbows and shoulders. We carry the Augusta mat, which is like hitting off a perfect fairway, and can be rotated so you get many hours of service from it.

That’s the basics but obviously if you want to add things like carpet for a putting area, and video cameras and lighting, you’ll be able to practice all aspects of your game and make videos of your swing, that you can marry up to club and ball-flight data from your launch monitor.

It’s really comes down to budget and how passionate you are about having a garage set-up. But the convenience of having everything right there at your fingertips when you want it is hard to beat. Whenever the impulse grabs you, you can just head out to your garage and start working on your game or have friends over for a golf night.

And don’t forget, you can always put your screen on a curtain rail set-up so that it can be pulled across to the side when not I use: if your garage does have to accommodate a car or be used for other purposes at times.

We hope this article has been informative and answered any questions you might have. All the simulator products mentioned, plus more, can be found on our 24/7 website and we can advise you personally if you need assistance with anything else.

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