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The best golfing simulator products, from the best golfing simulator brands – this is what we are all about. So, let's get to know these brands a little better, with a quick overview of some of our best-loved at-home golf sim producers.

SkyTrak has been part of the GolfTec organisation since 2022, but its history stretches back much further than this. The company has been one of the leaders in this space for a number of years, providing golf simulator technology that thousands of players rely on across the world.

Here at 24/7, we are all golf fans just like you, so we want to provide products from brands we love. This is what led us to the SkyTrak and SkyTrak+ models – two of the very best pieces of golfing technology on the market.

Rapsodo was registered in Singapore back in 2010 and has spent more than a decade providing rich analysis and measuring technology to sports coaches and athletes. This strong background in performance analytics makes them one of the leaders in this field – something that really shines through in their product range.

At 24/7 Golf, we stock Rapsodo's MLM2 Pro simulator. Standing for 'Mobile Launch Monitor,' the MLM2 is a highly portable option for the modern golfer, helping players practise and enjoy their favourite sport wherever they are without compromising on features and functionality.

Brand Details

Learn more about the golf simulator brands we offer here at 24/7 Golf, with more in-depth breakdowns across each of our product offerings.

  • SkyTrak

    The SkyTrak golf simulator offers the following key features:

    • Compatible with iOS or PC devices.
    • Support for Wi-Fi or USB connectivity.
    • Works with a variety of golf simulator games, like TGC2019 or Creative Golf 3D
    • Usable with standard golf balls – no special golf balls are required.
    • Provides high levels of accuracy for a professional setup.
    • Measures a range of different parameters, including ball spin, launch angle, and side angle, as well as back spin, side spin, spin axis, and total spin.
    • Chargeable via a USB cable, compatible with computer device USB ports and wall USB charging ports.
    • Designed for indoor use only and requires an artificial hitting mat.
  • SkyTrak+

    SkyTrak+ is the new and improved version of the SkyTrak Launch Monitor. While both versions of this SkyTrak technology offer a great opportunity for players looking to improve their game, SkyTrak+ provides even more capability for players with a slightly bigger budget.

    Take a look at some of the additional features you’ll find with SkyTrak+:

    • Dual Doppler Radar shot tracking technology, on top of the Photometric Camera found on the standard SkyTrak model.
    • Additional data points for further insight during practice – SkyTrak+ includes all of the ball data analysis as SkyTrak, but adds the club head speed, smash factor, club path, club face angle, and face-to-path metrics.
    • A larger hitting zone than the standard model.
    • An internal processor for professional-grade simulations.
    • 5 GHz Wi-Fi in network mode, compared to the SkyTrak’s 2.4 GHz
    • An extra half hour of battery life – 4.5 hours overall on a full charge.
  • Rapsodo MLM2 Pro

    Take a look at the specifications for the Rapsodo MLM2 Pro golf simulator:

    • Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.
    • Features a dual optical camera, providing highly precise shot tracking.
    • Offers Shot Vision and Impact Vision options, as well as radar processing to enhance accuracy and insight.
    • Simulates more than 30,000 golf courses for a versatile and variable playing experience.
    • Provides Quick Connect Features to minimise setup time for a more efficient session.
    • Brings together 24 total shots, as well as two approach targets and one driver target.
    • Measures six separate metrics, including spin axis and rate.
    • Compatible with indoor and outdoor play environments.

Comparisons with Other Brands

Here at 24/7 Golf, we believe that great golf practice products make all the difference when it comes to honing your technique and enjoying a high-quality playing experience. All of the products in our range are specifically developed and chosen to provide industry-leading results for players, and this includes our golf simulator brands.

This is what sets the brands we stock apart from competitor products:

  • Improved tracking accuracy and precision, providing professional-level insight for players during practice sessions.
  • A range of trackable metrics, enabling players to really drill down into the different aspects of their game.
  • Compatibility with leading golf game software, so players can explore thousands of virtual courses, including real-world course simulations as well as customisable options.
  • A variety of connectivity and software support options – Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, as well as compatibility with several operating systems, making our brands highly versatile compared to competitor devices.
  • Full practice setups available in our bundles, which include hitting mats, enclosure nets, and more – essentially, players can get everything they need, for less, in one order.


Both the SkyTrak and the SkyTrak+ models offer players more than 100,000 different courses to choose from, thanks to broad compatibility with various simulation partners. These include:

  • E6 Connect
  • TGC 2019
  • Creative Golf
  • World Golf Tour by Top Golf

The Rapsodo MLM2 Pro model is intended to give players more flexibility when they play, providing a more portable practice setup. The product is compatible with different iOS devices from iPhone 7 and iPad 2017 onwards in outdoor mode.

To use the Rapsodo simulator in net mode, you will need an iPhone 8 or iPad Pro device, or a later Apple device. While the sim did not originally offer Android support, this support has been added in more recent versions, so more players can enjoy what Rapsodo has to offer.

Rapsodo’s golfing software gives players access to more than 30,000 virtual courses. While this is not as many as the SkyTrak and SkyTrak+ models, many users will value the additional portability of this model.

All the simulators we provide are compatible with many of our other golfing products. For example:

  • 24/7 Golf Commercial Grade Golf Simulator Impact Screen
  • 24/7 Golf Return Nets
  • 24/7 Golf Simulator Bay Golf Enclosure
  • Sim Master Premium Hitting Mat
  • Optoma Short Throw Projector

Find the Professional Quality Golf Simulator Products You Need in Our Range

Check out our product pages and find some of the best golf simulator products on the market, right here at 24/7 Golf. If you've got any questions or queries about these brands, or about the other products we stock, just reach out directly to our team.